Creating an Efficient and Accessible System of Public Transportation

October 8, 2018

There has been a lot of press reports and comments on social media questioning the validity of NYDC. Some have questioned whether NYDC is a properly approved entity, whether budget has been approved, or if funds are used appropriately.

As the Chief Executive of this company, it is not my intention to get involved in politics. My job is to create two million jobs, and the assignment is to bring Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as well as local investments to build a new city which main goal is to create employment. I shall continue to do my job for as long as such mandate and assignment by the government does not cease.

The scope of my responsibility comes directly from the Executive branch of the government. I firmly believe that what my team and I are doing at NYDC benefits the country, and if you could just take a moment to image the long-term view of this project and the benefits that are associated to the success of this project, it is beyond anything that you can imagine today in Myanmar.

With that vision in mind and the true belief that the people of Myanmar deserves the best, we are very committed to continue doing a good job for the country.

Getting the Traffic Flow Right  

How much time and money do we waste when traffic becomes impossible to get to your destination within a reasonable time?

Transportation touches all aspects of city life, not just from an economic development perspective, but also impacts the quality of lives. Successful transportation planning is a key to achieving the New Yangon City’s core vision – to create a Productive City and a Liveable City. The efficient movement of people and of cars, are fundamental in achieving productivity.

With that in mind, the New Yangon City transport policy is to achieve good public mass transit system with minimum excess time in traffic congestion. The goal is to ensure that all citizens have 100% access to public transportation system, and located within a five-to-10 minutes walk from home.

To achieve this goal, NYDC has appointed Oriental Consultants Japan Co., Ltd as the transport planner and traffic impact assessment consultant for the New Yangon City on 1st October 2018.

Under the close management of NYDC’s planning team, Oriental Consultants Japan will be working closely together with the appointed Urban Master Planner, AECOM, in the urban master planning and design of the New Yangon City.,

We look forward to giving you a first report on the urban master plan in due course.


Serge Pun

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