Frontiir Selected as Preferred Applicant for Cyber Connectivity Infrastructure

We are pleased to announce the selection of Frontiir Pte Ltd (Frontiir) as the Preferred Applicant for the Cyber Connectivity Infrastructure. Frontiir is a homegrown Myanmar company that operates Myanmar Net since 2013 and is a major service provider serving 1.3 millions users.

The Selection Process

In February 2019, we called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to select a Preferred Applicant who shall prepare tender documents subject to Swiss Challenge.  We received a total of 13 submissions from local and international investors. The list of the 13 EOIs were subsequently narrowed down to two organisations after further interviews were conducted as well as a result of withdrawals or failure to provide supplemental information that was requested.

The screening process from the outset was conducted with the guidance of Infrastructure Asia (IA), an entity set up by Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore who acted as our advisor.

The Selection Result

The result of the stringent scrutiny process scored Frontiir as the most suitable party based on their track record of doing business in the Myanmar’s ICT industry, with a strong capacity in providing quality Wi-Fi network service. Frontiir’s preliminary business proposal aligned the best with NYC’s long-term goals of providing integrated smart city service for New Yangon City with its inclusion of end to end services.

We were further assured by the team of world-class Myanmar management team/engineers with international experience who are leading Frontiir’s operations in Myanmar. The project team will be directly led by the Co-Founder and the Chairman and CEO of Frontiir – Dr. Godfrey Tan aka Wai Lin Tun.

I am very pleased that a Myanmar home grown company has succeeded to be selected as the preferred applicant for this work stream and look forward to successfully completing the Pre-Project Documents for launching the Swiss Challenge.


Serge Pun@ Theim Wai

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