New Yangon City Recognised at 6th SIP Planning Awards 2019

I am delighted to share that on 12th September 2019, New Yangon City was presented with a Merit Award for Best Planning Project at the 6th Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Planning Awards 2019.

This award is a significant milestone for us as the SIP Planning Awards is a prestigious programme that recognises urban planners and consultancy firms from around the world for their excellence in urban planning.

I especially thank AECOM, NYDC team and all the consultants, who have worked collaboratively for the urban master planning and design of New Yangon City. From establishing mitigation measures to protect our city from floods, to formulating Development and Sustainability Guidelines to ensure an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city, this win is a reward and acknowledgement of our ongoing commitment to the successful development of New Yangon City.

We will continue to deliver our promise on conducting this project in a trusted, reliable, and smart systematic process. By focusing on these priorities, we can carry out all required operations and assessments efficiently, while at the same time, comply with all protocols to ensure quality and safety.

Serge Pun

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