NYDC – Making Steady Progress; SEMP ,Urban Master Planning

September 11, 2018

We have been quiet, but that doesn’t mean we have not been busy. August has been a hectic month as we plough through documents and conduct various negotiations and discussions.

Here I’m happy to update you on a few key things.

SEMP: Dual Objectives

The SEMP is an important document that will serve as a guide for the next phases of city development and administration. Serious attention has been given to producing this document over the past months and it is now ready and will be released to the public in a few days. It can be reviewed or downloaded from our website,nydc.com.mm.

In a nutshell, the report focuses on the dual objectives of economic growth and liveability and covers 13 different aspects including job creation, human-capital development, infrastructure needs and priorities, environmental sustainability and strategy for managing urbanisation.

We Value Your Views

On the back of the release of the SEMP report, we will be holding Roundtable Discussions with members of the Association of Myanmar Architects, Myanmar Engineering Society, Myanmar Engineering Council and Myanmar Architect Council. After that we will engage with international and domestic donors, Non-Government Organisations, potential investors and several other stakeholders.

The purpose of this Roundtable Discussion is to gather comments and feedback from the respective quarters in preparation for the Urban Master Plan which is scheduled to commence this month. Social media forums will also be open to the public to express their views and suggestions.

Urban Master Planner

In June, we called for an Expression of Interest (EOI) to design the Urban Master Plan for New Yangon City. A total of 14 firms submitted their EOIs from which we shortlisted the following companies based on their qualifications and expertise:

  1. AECOM Singapore
  2. Broadway Malyan, Meinhardt (Myanmar) Ltd & RLB
  3. Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd. & Surbana International Consultants (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
  4. Nippon Koei Co. Ltd.
  5. RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd.
  6. SOM Asia Ltd.

The contract was awarded to AECOM Singapore after a rigorous process of evaluation. We will now kick-start the urban master planning and design, and should have the first version within the next two months.

As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the progress the NYDC team has made over the past month. Overall, I can safely state that good progress has been made, and I will share more in greater detail in my forthcoming blogs.


Serge Pun

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