Rationale for the New Yangon City

April 9, 2018

Dear Friends,

It is an honour and a privilege for me to serve the nation in the capacity of Vice Chairman and CEO of the New Yangon Development Company Limited (“NYDC”) – a company set up and owned 100 percent by the Yangon Regional Government to develop the New Yangon City, a land to the west of Yangon river.

I had explained the details of this project during the launch event and press conference on 31 March. I feel it is important for everyone to have a better understanding of this project and as such, I will continue to find ways and opportunities to communicate the vision, mission and expectations of the Yangon Regional Government regarding this project, as well as provide updates on project developments.

The main objective of building the New Yangon City is to create two million new jobs. The Chief Minister and his cabinet has made the creation of two million jobs as the highest aspiration of building this New Yangon City and that aim shall guide us in everything we do going forward.

I think all of us know the significance of creating 2 million new jobs, the tremendous social and economic benefits that will overflow from reaching this goal. It is the responsibility of the government to make sure that Myanmar people have opportunities to improve their living standards and escape from poverty through employment.

To reach the goal of creating 2 million jobs, many basic infrastructure needs to be developed. I will be updating you all on the detailed implementation plans in the upcoming posts.

The NYDC team is also monitoring social media closely to get a sense of public opinion as well as questions arising from this project. It is our goal to address any concerns as well as provide clarity.

If you have any questions regarding the New Yangon City project, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Serge Pun

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